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Frankston's IP Infrastructure paper
Bob Frankston argues that a pure IP infrastructure is important to fully exploit the potential of the Internet.
Bob Frankston writes:

This essay captures much of what I've been trying to explain about what the IP infrastructure really is and what it means. Very briefly, it provides a connected infrastructure and creates a new marketplace that takes advantage of this connectivity. In order to understand this it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what underlies the Internet. This understanding is necessary for those making policy decisions and is essential for being a literate member of today's society.

IP is the Internet Protocol that lets any connected computer send a packet of bits to any other connected computer. The whole Internet, from email to the web to streaming video, is built upon IP as a base.

Bob is worried that a lack of understanding of the importance of the availability of pure IP connectivity, and the focusing on providing just HTTP and other specific applications, will impede the exploitation of the full potential of the Internet.

A related, somewhat technical paper is from Jerry Saltzer, David Reed, and David Clark of MIT entitled End-to-End Arguments in System Design that was published in the 1980's.

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