Script for Demo 2000 Presentation
This is the script I used for our presentation at Demo 2000 introducing Trellix Web Express. Don Bulens used this presentation as an opportunity to announce publicly for the first time that he and his wife were expecting a child. He did all the mouse clicking and typing. I just stood at a lectern. I've included a few of the opening slides. (The originals were animated GIFs. To save space, I just show reduced key frames here.)

Here's the view from the lectern the night before -- I put this script over the monitor after pushing the last person's out of the way:

Looking out at empty seats, lectern has monitor in it
View from the lectern

The Script
Thank you Chris!

Over the past year, Trellix has quietly built a very strong position in Web sites for regular people and small businesses.

We are quiet no longer.

Trellix's Proven Distribution Strategy (with lots of logos)
We have assembled a network of alliances with PC and peripheral makers, leading hosting companies, and content providers. Yesterday, we announced new deals with Compaq and Kodak. Altogether, Trellix Web will be bundled on over 30 million machines.

Today at Demo, we're announcing Trellix Web Express, a complete web site building and hosting service that we will license in the spring to communities everywhere.

We're also announcing a strategic partnership with Lycos, whose Tripod community, the second largest in the world, becomes our first customer - replacing their own tool. In the deal we get their proven, scalable hosting platform, which we'll integrate and outsource to others.

A complete Web site building and hosting service (image of browser and servers)
Slide with the word "Tripod" moving up to the logo area

We'll tie it all together with XML to provide smooth migration of sites to our ubiquitous PC tool.

Smooth migration from Trellix Web Express to Trellix Web (picture of arrow from browser to Windows app)
So, let's see this new server-based Trellix.

People use web sites to communicate their passions: Their family, new-born, NASCAR, or even Britney Spears.

With Trellix Web Express, you can make a web site effortlessly in minutes and share that passion. Let's show you how.

So, Don, what's your passion?

[Don:] I want to tell everyone that Lynne and I are going to have a baby!

[Dan:] They really are having a baby...

You start by choosing one of our professionally created templates.

You can pick the default design or lots of others. You can change your mind later.

This is the Trellix Page Editor. Its click-in-context editing metaphor makes changing something a snap.

Trellix lets you work with all of your pages as a complete web site, not just one page at a time like most popular editing systems. The links are live, and you can move around the site at will.

Our templates are "publish-ready" - change what you'd like and leave the rest.

Each item has extensive options so you can make your site look just the way you want. Don's putting in his own picture and comments.

All of this is done in a normal browser without time-consuming and unstable Java downloads. You can just walk up to a browser and update your site in seconds. It was designed to be as easy to use as email.

When you feel your site is ready to share, you press the Publish button.

Using the Toolbar, you can add additional content to your site in our click-in-context way.

Trellix makes it easy to embellish your site with all types of web content, from pictures and links, to sound and interactive material we call Web Gems.

Web Gems make it possible for users to discover and add content and interactivity to their sites - no HTML.

Let's see how the site looks so far by pressing Preview.

[First page has animated GIF and background lullaby, Don plays sound of heartbeat on second page by pressing Play button on embedded sound player.]

...Isn't that sweet?...Much better than an email...

So he did it. He made a complete, very personal, multi-page web site in two minutes with his browser.

Now, let's look at Trellix Web, our Windows application.

We'll pretend it's a few months later and Don has continued adding to his web site, and has lots more pictures from the Shower and wants to take his site to the next level of sophistication.

The natural place for that is directly on his PC and not through a phone line. Through the wonders of XML, he'll be able to move his editing down from the server to his PC and use our client software that people really love. It feels as natural as his favorite word processor (or spreadsheet).

He inserts a picture... and crops it.

Using our powerful site map, he can navigate ... and reorganize the site... The links automatically update.

The browser version also has a map.

Let me close with several points and a question:

Web sites are all about expression and emotion.

Everyone will have them.

Web sites are a sticky, high traffic service that every community and vertical commerce site will have.

We now have the best private label web site building service...

...and our PC tool is everywhere.

[Click on link to last slide]

So, where's your web site?

So, Where's your Web Site? (Trellix Web logo and URL)
Closing slide
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