Jupitermedia ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference pictures
I attended the first day of the 2-day Jupitermedia ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference on June 9, 2003. The event was covered by many bloggers directly. At least half of the audience had their laptops open at any given time, connected to the WiFi network. I'll add my little bit by posting a few pictures. (I'm not that good with names, so if you see a picture that I should have said who it was, let me know.)

For a list of blogs that covered the event, see Joi Ito's list, as well as David Weinberger's list copied from there.

Michael Gartenberg, VP & Research Director, Jupiter Research, during his speech
Dave Winer speaking, and his first "weblog" page from February 1996 on the projection screen
Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe, an attendee
First panel (left to right): Kathleen Goodwin, iMakeNews, Carin Warner, Warner Communications, Michael O'Connor Clarke, Weber Shandwick, Rick Brunner, Executive Summary Consulting, Jeff Mooney, MediaMap, Beth Goza, Microsoft
Here's another picture of Beth Goza. Meeting her was kind of exciting: Not only is she a Microsoft employee who has a personal weblog (dumped on by the Register), but she and her husband have his-and-her Segways. He maintains the cool "Book-of-Seg" website. (My regular readers know I write about the Segway once in a while.) She's an "outside" person at Microsoft who works on community around Windows.

Jeff Mooney, Beth Goza
Second panel: Jimmy Guterman, The Vineyard Group, Biz Stone, author, Adina Levin, Socialtext, and Jason Butler, BostonWorks.com
Lunch break. Here are some pictures from lunch:

Anil Dash, Six Apart, Cameron Marlow, Blogdex
David Weinberger gave another keynote:



David Weinberger and some of his slides
John Lawlor, Blogs4Business.com, Major Chris Chambers, America's Army, Greg Lloyd, Traction Software, Halley Suitt, Halley's Comment

Anil Dash, Six Apart, ??, Adam Weinroth, Easyjournal, Jason Shellen, Blogger/Google, ???
Dave Winer and John Robb, Userland, in the hallway
The crowd (after they opened up the back part of the room and people moved there -- it was packed, standing room only at the start until they did that)
Next pane: Matthew Berk, Jupiter, Timothy Appnel, writer, Mike Amundsen, EraServer.net, Bill French, MyST Technology Partners, John Robb, Userland, William Stow, Tsunamin Corporation, Adam Weinroth, Easyjournal
The last panel of the day was the one I was on.

My view of the audience -- so many open laptops
On my right (audience left): Doc Searls, Linux Journal, Jason Shellen, Blogger, Bob Frankston. On my left: Anil Dash, Six Apart, Michael Gartenberg, Jupiter Research, John Robb, Userland
First day of talks over. Now schmooze and dinner time.

Paul Perry of Verizon, WiFi Hotspots person, some of us waiting to go to dinner
Dinner shots at Charlie's:

That's it! I apologize to all the people I didn't get pictures of (or which turned out too poorly to post).

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