Trellix blogging screenshots (cont.)
Taking advantage of normal features built into Trellix's web site authoring system, you can change the look of your web site.

Changing the look of the web site
Pressing the "Change look" toolbar button lets you choose different designs from the design gallery, choose different "layouts" (area placements and geometry), and edit attributes of the current design. Here we'll edit the current design:

Trellix previews some of the few hundred available designs (many of which can be customized as shown below) on their "Web Site Designs" page.
One of the things you can change about this design is the image displayed on the left. Here I'm accessing the normal Trellix picture gallery to choose an image that I uploaded. To help you do the preparing and uploading of pictures, there is a Web Photo Manager that you can download for Windows systems. I'm using an old picture I have to make the blog look more like my "old" web site:

Here is the Edit Design page with a preview of the changes I've made (setting colors to be the ones on my old web site and with a picture my mother could love):

There is a Blog Settings page for other customizations:

Here is the final look ready for more posts:

That's it for now.

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