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A copy of what used to be on the www.webphotojournals.com web site is now here on this web site in the webphotojournals subdirectory
Back in 1999, I created and maintained a web site for Trellix Corporation at the domain www.webphotojournals.com. It was "A web site devoted to personal photo albums and journals on the Internet", something I called "web photo journals". Unfortunately, at some point, someone forgot to renew the domain name, and it no longer points to the web site (which hasn't been updated in years but existed on our servers). More unfortunately, there was popular and valuable content on the web site, including my journal of attending the Digital Storytelling Festival in 1999.

In honor of the resumption of the Digital Storytelling Festival, and at the prodding of Mark Bernstein, I've asked my boss for permission to mirror the content here so WebPhotoJournals has a "home" on the web, which he kindly granted. The material there is listed as "(c) Copyright 1999 Trellix Corporation" still.

You can find the content from www.webphotojournals.com at:

The report about the Digital Storytelling Festival of 1999 is at:

-DanB June 10, 2003

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