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Compaq Research, Visor eyemodule photos, Nantucket Conference
Thursday, May 11, 2000
Compaq Research
One of my co-workers at Trellix sent me links to some of the work at Compaq's Western Research Lab. (I believe it used to be Digital's Palo Alto research lab before the acquisition.) The lab is best known for developing  the original AltaVista search engine.

The Lab lists its current projects, which include the Itsy pocket computer and the "Rock 'n' Scroll" interface. The Itsy computer (it looks no bigger than a Palm or Visor) is described along with downloadable specs so you can build your own (even if it does use their microprocessor that's a real open, academic-like thing to do!), and the specs include a version of Linux that can run on it. They have videos of using the Rock 'n' Scroll interface on Itsy to play Doom and to view a photo album by tilting and gesturing while holding the computer -- pictures change like on a "Magic 8 Ball". Way cool!

Tuesday, May 9, 2000
Visor eyemodule photos
Scott Kirsner, writer for the Boston Globe, Wired, and Fast Company, took pictures at the Nantucket Conference on the Internet Economy, May 2000. He used a Handspring Visor PDA, with an IDEO eyemodule plug-in digital camera.

The eyemodule was introduced at the Demo 2000 conference. Apparently, it's now shipping.

For more pictures and other information, see my "Scott Kirsner's eyemodule pictures" page.

Two smiling faces, with a bit of image noise, in color  Visor PDA in hands with slight protrusion for lens
A picture Scott took with an eyemodule, my picture of Scott's Visor with the eyemodule camera plugged in
Monday, May 8, 2000 
Nantucket Conference
I just got back from the Nantucket Conference on the Internet Economy. Speakers included people from Boston.com, Staples.com, FleetBank, Toysmart.com, and Bob Metcalfe.

Seagull flying in front of lighthouse viewed over dunes  People sitting in a room listening to a speaker
What Nantucket can look like vs. what we saw. It was nice anyway.
Read my writeup in "Nantucket Conference". As usual, lots of pictures.

While I was there, I dropped in on a film shoot Trellix Corporation happened to be doing for a marketing piece. We were filming one of our happy Trellix Web users, Kevin Shore of "A Shore Thing". His company does clambakes and other seafood catering, so we were filming him doing a clambake. (It was on a beach near our hotel, and it was there that I took the lighthouse picture, above.) Kevin found out about Trellix Web through our relationship with DellHost.com and DellHost hosts the web site he produced with it.

Three guys smiling  Trellix Nantucket, scene 110, take...etc.
Kevin Shore, Brian Mullins of Trellix, and me; filming starts
His web site explains what a traditional Nantucket Pit Bake is:

Held on a beach or any appropriate setting, this is the most memorable and savory of New England experiences. We start in the morning, building a large fire in a pit, layering wood and rocks together. About three hours before serving we cover the hot rocks with bushels of fresh Rockweed containing gallons of fresh sea water to create the steam for cooking. Then we stack all the ingredients on top, cover with sheets, more Rockweed as insulation, then layers of canvas to seal the bake. At serving time the covering layers are removed, unveiling the steaming bake and the delicious aroma of a real Pit Bake covers the area, whetting the appetites of your guests and making for a visual as well as culinary feast.

- "Clambakes", A Shore Thing web site

Our camera crew filmed the uncovering with the steam billowing out:

Kevin pulling on canvas surrounded by people and a camera crew with a boom mike  Kevin in blue sweater removing seaweed with pitchfork
Uncovering the baking dinner and removing the Rockweed
Here are a couple of other shots:

Raw bar  Table set with white tablecloth, silverware, etc., on the sand with sea in background
Appetizers and the table
I didn't know much about this New England tradition before reading his web site. As usual, the web brings you interesting things you never knew that fill the lives of others.

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