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Voice and Command Line User Interfaces, My talk on TED.com, The Frankston Challenge, Long time no blog
Essay about issues and techniques related to disconnected mobile apps, HTML5 First: Google innovators prototype in the browser, BCS Mac Introduction Meeting video is now available -- how that came about, The Mac turns 30 and because we preserved the history you will be able to relive it
MassTLC unConference session on Responsive App Design, Responsive App Layout, What Jeff Bezos and John Henry should read to prepare for their new ownership, More about web app speed, Are mobile web apps really slow?, What's holding back HTML5 from mobile dominance?, What it looked like to surf the web in 1994, Mobile device feature war, Why Alpha Anywhere matters in today's mobile world, Live streaming a town meeting is a good thing, A big change in what I'm doing
An overview of HTML 5, PhoneGap, and mobile apps, More JavaScript news, An old video about the history of pen-based computing, Links for Xconomy Mobile Madness panel, Some things happening with JavaScript, 10 days with a Surface Pro, MS Surface Pro: It's the spreadsheet, stupid, 30 years since Lotus 1-2-3, The Developer's Challenge in 2013, End of a podcasting era but NYTimes #56,000, Original VisiCalc running in a JavaScript IBM PC emulator
Steve Jobs at WWDC 2011, Video of walking through Fall Comdex 1983, Steve Jobs talking about VisiCalc, Tablet technology and special needs, Garden Utils for Programmers,Entrepreneur Walk of Fame, Note Taker HD version 5 -- a real productivity app on the iPad
The Developer's Challenge in 2011, MassTLC Innovation 2010 unConference photos, More about the iPad -- is it "magical"?, Dan Bricklin's Note Taker HD for the Apple iPad released, Early Thoughts About the iPad, Dan Bricklin's Note Taker version 2.0 released, Passover's coming -- time for Haggadah podcast
Baruch Bricklin z"l (of blessed memory), My father in transition
Vilna Shul panel and trying my new camera, Dan Bricklin's Note Taker for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch
VisiCalc turns 30 and SocialCalc turns 1.0, "Signals and the Ubiquity of New Carriers" essay, New York travels and speeches with Palm Pre and netbook, Return to Crested Butte, Essay on new modes of interaction as highlighted by Microsoft Natal and Google Wave, Socialtext is releasing the latest SocialCalc in a wide beta, New SocialCalc release for the OLPC, "What's Next in Tech?" event this week, "What will people pay for?" excerpt, All hail VisiCalc: 30th anniversary of the public announcement of VisiCalc, Reading excerpts from my book, I was on "This Week in Tech"
Reviews of my book on Amazon, The paper I wrote for business school class about VisiCalc in 1978, Some quotes from the Technometria interview and others, Phil Windley interviews me on his podcast and discusses my book (which he liked a lot), 30th anniversary of showing VisiCalc privately at the West Coast Computer Faire, How Twitter changed the feeling at a concert, Book in hand and Tech Tuesday coming up, Obsessing about your book, How I turned my blog into a book, Prince's birthday surprise, Web site for my new book, Blog rally to help the Boston Globe, A challenge from netbooks and the iPhone-class devices, Reminder about Passover Haggadah class recordings, Podcast of MassTLC Designing IT in the Age of Obama discussion, MassTLC discussion of Designing IT in the Age of Obama, A proposal for an additional way to do URLs in Twitter
Learning about indexes, Latest updates, AlertRank: Managing Google Alerts, The new meaning of transparency, Anybody have a Palm Zire Z22 for an Asperger's research and treatment project?, Recording of a fascinating class about the Passover Haggadah, The State of the Consumer Internet panel at the Vilna Shul, Tech Tuesday at NERD a big success, New essay from my book,Tech Tuesday at Microsoft in Cambridge next week, Something new coming from Dan - a book
More about spreadsheet use that doesn't fit Dvorak's model, Reacting to John Dvorak's silly criticism of spreadsheets, Podcast with Amy Wohl about the 1984 Mac announcement, Tech Tuesday in February at new Microsoft R&D space, New OLPC version of SocialCalc: 0.7.9, No Tech Tuesday in January, No Tech Tuesday this month, Tech Tuesday this coming Tuesday, Video of OLPC's Nicholas Negroponte's talk at Vilna Shul, Tech Tuesday is on the 18th this month, Why hasn't Dan been blogging much?
Scott Kirsner's Tech @ The Movies panel video, Tech Tuesday next week, Transcript of interview with John Morgan, Interview with Vice Admiral (Ret.) John Morgan, Interview with Paul Carroll about Merrill Lynch/BofA, MassTLC Innovation unConference coming up so no Tech Tuesday in September, No Tech Tuesday until September and Vibemetrix goes live, No Tech Tuesday this month, Socialtext announces SocialCalc as part of their enterprise wiki, Tech Tuesday coming up, Jeff Raikes sets another good example, More about this Tech Tuesday: Xboxes and Zunes and XNA and more, Tech Tuesday coming up next week on May 13th, Tech Tuesday was a big success and debuted the Linn Sneaky Music DS, Don't forget Tech Tuesday!, Tech Tuesday again in Waltham, A video interview of me by Dan Farber of CNet, Another Tech Tuesday meeting this coming Tuesday in Waltham, Interview with author Dan Ariely of "Predictably Irrational" about applying behavioral economics to Open Source, Podcast with Scott Kirsner: Next-gen display technology
Another milestone for SocialCalc on the OLPC XO, MassTLC Tech Tuesday event in Waltham next week, First thoughts on Microsoft and Yahoo, Sweet SocialCalc: The new JavaScript code running on the OLPC XO, Vilna Shul panel: The venture capital industry looking back on 2007 and looking forward to 2008, Observations from using the OLPC XO for notetaking, Trust and cooperation cannot be surged: From US maritime strategy to the Little Prince and the fox, Podcast with Laura Fitton about Twitter and using Seesmic and Qik.com, MITX Fireside Chat with IDEO's CEO Tim Brown
Video interviews with Virtual Ubiquity and Adobe executives as well as Don Bulens of EqualLogic, Scott Kirsner's "Think Big" get-together, Sprint says tractor trailer faster than a Porsche, More about Microsoft Surface, Video of Microsoft Surface demo, Vilna Shul Fireside Chat with Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Congratulations Don Bulens and EqualLogic, Essay about gestures and the iPhone, Tech Blogs discussion podcast led by Scott Kirsner, Podcast of Bug Labs CEO Peter Semmelhack, Podcast of MTLC meeting about the Microsoft/Novell deal, Podcast with SpotScout founder and CEO, "Why Facebook went west" podcast with Scott Kirsner, Tour of Eclipse Aviation with Vern Raburn, CPAL: The Open Source license SocialCalc will be using, SocialCalc Engine programmer documentation released
SocialCalc 1.1 released -- we now have a real Open Source project, Video of One Laptop Per Child keynote with demo, Podcasts from the OSS Summit, MTLC Open Source Summit, Podcast with Cringely and my first YouTube post, Thoughts about Admiral Mullen as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Issues with the Wikipedia "spreadsheet" page, Screencast of Buzzword Flash word processor, Podcasts with Virtual Ubiquity's Rick Treitman and Tabblo's Antonio Rodriguez, Happy birthday Dave and scripting.com, Podcast of David Weinberger at MTLC Social Media Cluster, Shiva signup program released
Podcast with Toby Redshaw of Motorola on their continued wiki use, Two more chapters from Chris Daly, Interview with Vice Admiral John Morgan: Building a community of trust in a Pier-to-Pier world, The "$100 Laptop", Blogger Dim Sum podcast, Wiki deployment and adoption at Thomson Learning, Youtube videos in wikiCalc, Podcast with wiki inventor Ward Cunningham, Covering America draft chapters, wikiCalc goes 1.0!
MITX Fireside Chat with Craig's List CEO Jim Buckmaster, New wikiCalc demo screencast and 0.97 beta release, Full-featured wikiCalc beta release 0.96, Essay with thoughts on patent litigation, wikiCalc moving along, What I've been up to -- wikiCalc and a patent lawsuit
New wikiCalc Beta 0.95, IBM PC 25th anniversary, Update on what I've been up to with wikiCalc and more, Images as tags in Stylefeeder, Microsoft changes, Podcast with Microsoft's Alan Yates, MTLC OSS SIG podcast with IBM and Sun and Oracle, wikiCalc screencast, wikiCalc is now in Beta, wikiCalc Partnership with SocialText, Google spreadsheet, SymTrend: A way to track medical symptoms using a PDA or a web browser, Standards specifications and wikiCalc, John Sviokla's blog
Apple at 30, Podcast at Boston FIRST competition with Steve Wozniak, Marvin Minksy, and more, Podcast with Motorola's Toby Redshaw about wikis and blogs, New Alpha 0.3 release of wikiCalc, Essay about the Long Tail and general purpose tools, wikiCalc on Rocketboom, Podcasts from Mass Tech Leadership Council meeting, TopTenSources party podcast, Meeting people at David Weinberger's, Dan Caine and Jonathan Seelig speaking at CJP, New wikiCalc release with AJAX and more
BoomersTV party podcasts, Geek dinner in Cambridge and wikiCalc podcast, Lunch with Don Bulens discussing iSCSI and the VAR channel, Podcasting on location leads to recording nightmares, My conversation with Microsoft's Alan Yates, MA data formats forum, MITX Fireside Chat with Jay Walker, Recording of Gartner's Nick Gall at Open Source SIG, I've written a Top 10 Sources site on podcasting, Meeting about enterprise adoption of Open Source, End-to-end thinking, Dan on NerdTV, Shalom Uncle Nissim, Dinner with Dan'l Lewin of Microsoft, Another software licensing podcast episode, I'm working on a new product called wikiCalc
Podcast with Robin Miller of OSTG, MA Senate hearing on the ITD Open Document decision, Cheapflights has a corporate blog, Berkman Center meeting on Open Document Format, MITX Fireside Chat with J.J. and Jeremy Allaire, Kudos to Doonesbury, Learning from podcasting for recording family memories, Happy 80th Dad!, A bit more about the open formats meeting, Recording of meeting with MA officials about open formats, Podcast with Toby Redshaw of Motorola and FIOS update, Podcast with Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki
Installing fiber into my home, "Professional" journalists are amateurs sometimes with podcasting, Podcast with Donna Dubinsky about Palm and more, What if VisiCalc had been patented?, New podcast-friendly version of ListGarden is released, Podcast with Tim O'Reilly, Beta of a new podcast-friendly upgrade to ListGarden, Where is Don Bulens?, Podcast with David Isenberg, Open Cellphone podcast with Tom Evslin, Podcast with MySQL's Marten Mickos, An interactive conference and thoughts on new media, More recordings and creating a wiki to point to them
Recording of the first part of the Mass Software OSS SIG meeting, Mass Software Council OSS SIG meeting, Back from Europe, Innovate! Europe '05, First Open Cellphone podcast available, Open Source SIG kickoff event at Mass Software Council, My podcasting setup, Third podcast interview, a visit to NASDAQ, and podcasting in business, Second podcast interview: Joel Spolsky, My new podcast
First review of my video, Google and Eric Schmidt, What I learned marketing my video, The Nantucket Conference, Happy Birthday Dave and Russ!, My new video is available for purchase!
Some Open Source postings, Lunch with Gorbachev at the Mass Software Council, Are bloggers journalists? Looking to history, A theory about extreme fear of the GPL, Minor Apple protest, A new blog for my video, Groove and a few other things, The Gates in Central Park, Sworn in to MA IT Advisory Board, My next product, Get Make Magazine
Being on the Gillmor Gang and more fiber stuff, A mischaracterization in the press, More on who does tagging, Microsoft releases their updated patent license, Systems without guilt where every contribution is appreciated, Adding fiber is lots of work and Bob's new essay
More of why podcasting is good, Audio recordings and transparency, Eric Kriss at MSC about Open Formats and Microsoft, Boomer blog and my lights, NH Inaugural Ball, Open source seminars coming up, Cleaning up my office and why, Panel recording is now on ITConversations, Open Source Panel last week
Open Source panel next week, Jeff Tarter party and recording some MP3s, MSC Open Source presentation, Locusts, CRN Industry Hall of Fame
Another shared experience on the plane, Tied into pop culture on JetBlue, Fiber to my home, Weinberger at Berkman and blogging compared to cassette tapes, This blog is five years old, Computer History Museum Fellow Awards ceremony, Future Forward conference
Rock climbing at the DiamondCluster Exchange event, Writing software for the HBS'79 reunion, Info on Dan as a speaker, Learning From Accidents and a Terrorist Attack, Steve Ballmer at the Massachusetts Software Council, Interview by Halley on ITConversations and thoughts on online stored audio
News.com publishes my reaction to Coop's column, More local coverage, Thoughts right after the Convention, Blogging is working well at the Convention, Blogging is working well at the Convention, What we learn from the Convention blogging, DNC blogger dinner, The Convention is coming, the Convention is coming..., Software that lasts 200 years, Additional ListGarden documentation, Mail seems fixed, Email problems with bricklin.com, ListGarden 1.0 released
Dave Winer sendoff dinner, Multics reunion and honoring Prof. Corbato, LZW patent expires, ListGarden RSS Generator
Harvard MBA class of 1979, MITX Fireside Chat with "Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell, A new product from Software Garden
Licenses can be changed like code as Movable Type shows, Reactions to the new Movable Type licensing scheme, An essay on thinking about software licensing, NY Times article on BloggerCon II, Pictures from BloggerCon II,Thinking about how to make a living as an entrepreneur software developer
Segways and special needs, Reading blogs is healthier than watching TV, Programmers at Work reunion, John Seybold dies at 88, Lights out in my old office, End of an era as Trellix office closes
New Treo and blogger lunch, Goodbye Prince, I'll miss you, Deciding on platforms and buying a PowerBook, Lunch with Halley, Clayton Christensen at MIMC, Back to Software Garden
Paying for style, Five years of Bricklin.com, Changes: Artists find new revenue and Kodak drops more out of film, Step by step email guidelines, Massachusetts Software Council Annual Meeting: 2004 Outlook, Massachusetts policy on Open Standards
Happy New Year!, A new memento, Ehud Shapiro's molecular computers
Interland Platinum helps me help others, Press tour, David J. Galter, VisiCalc, Longhorn, DRM, and Larry Magid's weblog, The Innovator's Solution, The State of Massachusetts addresses Open Standards and Open Source
BloggerCon photos, Esther Dyson at MIMC, Dinner with Dave Winer and Halley Suitt, Innovation Odyssey - the book, Au revoir, Julianne!, Mass Software Council meeting, Flying on September 11, Signs of the times, John Chambers talk, I finally have an RSS feed
9 years of bricklin.com, Lightning last week and comments on backup, Big Dig tour, Back from Oregon, Bill Mitchell of Microsoft and the Tablet PC, QOS essay, Segway book, Old software boxes, Items on SATN.org
Great examples of small business weblogging, Pictures of Dean Kamen speaking in Cambridge last month, An example of the Internet helping artists, Jupiter ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies Conference pictures, MIT EECS Department 100th Anniversary, SMBmeta takes another step with new sample applications, More about the flamingos, Flamingos on the lawn as a neighborhood works together, Doonesbury integrates the web into the strip, Material on SATN.org, More about paying and Buskin and Batteau, How will the artists get paid?, More VisiCalc material
Computer History Museum talk, Updates to VisiCalc history in preparation for speech, Adam Osborne, Start of PC Forum, Quality of service discussion, Atlanta again: A Segway and the Blackberry advertisement, Search Engine Strategies 2003 conference report, Boston Museum of Science Computing Revolutionaries event
Dave Winer's weblogger meeting at Harvard, Trip to Atlanta, UCLA Internet Report (and my cameras), I got my Tablet PC fixed and updated my review, SMBmeta tools available, SMBmeta proposal on new TrellixTech weblog, Halley Suitt lunch, Interland acquisition of Trellix completed, Happy New Year!
New Pew Internet survey, People check the web site first, Trellix and Interland, Tablet computing history essay, Trying a Tablet PC, Jim Cash, With my Dad and the cell phone as lifeline
My father moved up to Boston, Hinda Gross, EarthLink will use Trellix software to provide web site building and blogging, Stuff from my youth, Learning from a patent, Bob Wallace dies
The RIM keyboard patents, Essay about CD sales, downloading, and burning, Shanah Tova! Happy New Year, Memories while visiting the Bay Area and the Computer History Museum
Happy Birthday Jonathan!, Why Johnny can't program, Salon book reviews, More cell towers, More about Trellix blogging features, Blogging and small business, Trellix announces native blogging
Something new from Trellix soon, Mount Monadnock, Back from vacation in Acadia, Things that matter, New product from Software Garden, Fewer Walkmans walking down NY City streets
Perl program for showing HTML source, Slow week here but full on SATN.org, A short visit to TechXNY (PC Expo)
Pew Internet study of broadband usage, Small Players comments, Weinberger at WordsWorth, Speedy and full recovery Dave!, Public policy meetings
Small Players Matter, Handspring Treo 180 two months later, Connectivity 2002, David Weinberger's new book
At the Red Sox game, Barney Stone, Nantucket Conference report, Kurzweil and Kertzman in Boston, Wireless at the Boston Marathon, Riding a Segway
802.11 vs. tearing up walls, Handspring Treo 180 review, Observations from a weblogger, Demo 2002, Better permanent URLs in this log!
Gerda Lakritz, More cell tower pictures, Visit to CIMIT, Enron and Readable Source, Happy Birthday Mom!, Usability results from UIE
Benhamou, Glauber, and Schmidt at the MSIC, Happy 18 Mac!, Not much new here -- busy at SATN.org, New Weblog from Bob Frankston and David Reed, Usability in the wild of suburbia, Two people I lost this week, More active mechanics, Happy New Year!
802.11b vs. 3G, Digital vs. film: Minolta, Fad vs. intrinsic property, Thoughts about the Segway, Weblogger dinner, MSIC wireless panel
Visit to New York City, Ed Yourdon's talk at Boston SPIN, 802.11b and other changes at school, Behind the scenes at the Boston Museum of Science, David Weinberger blogs again after two years
Boston History Makers awards, Comdex pictures, I'm not at Comdex, On Building Systems That Will Fail, Techies vs. Telcos, Web services and storage, Paul Simpson, Extending a happy event
Back from Agenda, At Agenda, My state of mind
Copy protection robs the future, More about Internet searching as a dominant tool, What's been successful in B2C?, Pictures, Changes to small business essay, How do you do thoughtful discussion post 9/11/01?, Small businesses and web sites essay, Old thoughts on changes
L'Shanah Tovah -- Happy New Year, What it feels like to be stuck out of town, The next couple of days in California, After the tragedy, The Internet is now a dominant tool for regular people
eMarker RIP, Speeches, HBR article, Experience counts, The IBM PC BIOS listing, Happy Birthday, Jonathan!
802.11b at a coffee shop near you, I posted my album on the anniversary, The event was really cool, Thoughts on the 20th anniversary of the IBM PC announcement, Happy Birthday, Sarah!, Transcript of the August 12, 1981 staff meeting, My report from the Internet Summit 2001, In the middle of the conference, Internet Summit 2001, CTO Forum Webcast
The Big Five-Oh, Touring Boston on a Duck, Innovation tour and Jay Forrester, War story about scaling a system
July 4th, Back from vacation, More photo shoots, Report from the InfoWorld CTO Forum 2001, A Taxonomy of Computer Systems and Different Topologies: Standalone to P2P, First draft of a taxonomy, A photo shoot at home
Donna Dubinsky speaks for CJP Tech 20, Massachusetts Software and Internet Council meeting: Ellen Hancock, Bob Davis, and Sen. John Kerry, Now it's Dr. Bricklin
In the news, Douglas Adams remembered, What will people pay for?, Attending the Nantucket Conference, Living in the analog world with cable modem maintenance, More about pamphlets, Pamphleteering in the 1700's and personal web sites today, Boston Marathon 2001, Some more cell antenna tree information, Reactions to Blogger announcement
Trellix and Blogger, Happy birthday Prince!, More big planes, "Metaphors, Not Conversations" essay written on the flights to Comdex Chicago, Server problems, PC Forum 2001, Learning to use things that are hard is part of being human, An email clears up the plane mystery
405 - The Movie, Traveling with handheld wireless and trains, Your mother's web site and Bob's essay, Legal implications of the Napster injunction and more about directories on the Internet, More benefits from the common, Thank you, Julianne!
Wasington Award, Improving performance, O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer conference, A book about caffeine, A question on Jeopardy, Speaking at P2P conference
Press tour, Crouching Tiger and education, My home network with wireless 802.11b, Cooling "IT", Old picture relating to today's news, New word processor for the Palm OS
It's 2001, More about digital vs. film: Paper prints, Happy New Year!, Digital vs. film for retrieving memories, Trip to Florida
In memory of Dana Atchley, The value of bandwidth, Speaking to MIT and University of Chicago students as well as listening to an Amazon.com VP, Speaking in NYC, New PR firm, The Capitol Steps
Sony eMarker: A clever system, Finished the Comdex journal, The Palm Beach Sample Ballot, Yet more Comdex, More Comdex, Usability and safety, Posted again, Posted first pictures from Comdex, Usability is still in the news, Comdex 2000
Great interest in usability, Usability matters, DNS Problems, Professor Lessig on Intellectual Property, A fond goodbye to Multics
Starting Year Two, The crossing point for digital cameras, End of Year One, Dress code, Attending the Groove announcement, Groove announcing their product tomorrow, Agenda album with details of Ballmer's speech, Better cell tree picture, Start of Agenda 2001
Groove tidbit, Next week: Agenda conference, Massachusetts Software and Internet Council Fall meeting, Staying in the Growth Phase
TechNet in Massachusetts, Lots of links to here, Trellix Web Express rolls out to ZDNet, etc., Web sites to combat racism, Happy Birthday Dad!, Visiting Ray Ozzie
Behind the Curtain is live, Hawaiian barbecue, Congratulations Captain, Taking pictures for "Behind the Curtain", Results of the PR tour
More press tour, Press tour in California, Globalization conference report, Speech over, Cell towers and "techno-blight", Thanks for the help with my speech!, Day One of the conference
New draft of speech, Please help me with my speech, Baseball retrievers, Don't copy that floppy!, Mark Bernstein writes about portable keyboards
PDA, keyboard, and cellphone, Gnutella sharing data, Happy Birthday, Jonathan!, Meg Whitman interview on News.com, BigDoc for Palm, Visor files, Friend-to-Friend Networks, More thoughts on P2P, P2P isn't why Napster has lots of songs, Cool bookmarklets and yet more on sizing, More on sizing the browser window, Wallpaper for making web sites, Sailing in Newport, Trellix's "Tell the world" direct marketing campaign: Send them a TV, Stowaway sighting
Harvey Edwards: Dance is work, Ads for Napster, What will drive personal wireless Internet usage?, Lucky day
A book as an award, Weblog from the delivery room: Congratulations Don, Lynne, and baby Cooper!, 3rd Annual MIMC Awards, Happy Birthday Bob!
The judge's decision, Government help, Zeff Group's Advertising & Marketing on the Internet conference
PCs vs. appliances, Thoughts about the "Love Bug", Where to go in Italy as an engineer, Digital camera lust
Massachusetts Software and Internet Council Spring Membership meeting, Thomas Willmott of Aberdeen Group speaks about incubators, Fast Company co-founder Alan Webber speaks about success
Compaq Research, Visor eyemodule photos, Nantucket Conference
Digital cameras roll on, It's cool when an insider leads a rebellion, Why should a product want to be "the next VisiCalc"?, Watching the Boston Marathon, Post-it Notes are 20 years old
The RIM keyboard and time trials, Permanent links to this log, Good pictures for the web, Behind the one-way mirror, Judge Jackson's decision, Trellix gets more money, A review of Michael Schrage's book "Serious Play"
Lessig speech at PC Forum 2000, Recovering from the conference, More PC Forum 2000 pictures, PC Forum 2000 starts, Patents again, PC Forum 2000, Wireless is like batteries
Judith Hurwitz speech: B2B, Microsoft, and the Golden Calf
Content vs. Connectivity, Email back up, Move problems, Posting less frequently, How Microsoft thinks, More about ChiaPaint, An old funny demo, Funny demos
Demo 2000, Trellix Corporation will be offering browser-based authoring
Happy birthday Mom!, Open access: The "stone soup" model of business growth and development, Posting from the plane, A week without posting, Massachusetts Software and Internet Council meeting, Dave Winer gets a digital camera
More bold reactions, Reactions to using bold, I met with Dan Gillmor, How long does it take to make a web site, Martin Luther King Day paper
Reactions to my researching web postings item, Judging Mr. and Miss Tall, PR: Gates again, On the radio, Turning the tables in PR
Snow at last, A researched web posting takes much longer, I'm a judge again, Stowaway keyboard wins CES awards, Modern times, Survey of web shoppers, Rising telecom hotels
IP: Meaning at the end points, More cell towers, Copyright date, Sampled sound, Digital cameras even more popular, Old buildings win with telecom hotels, Y2K glitches, Happy New Year!, Test entry, The long awaited day arrives
I'm on the radio tonight, My Mom reads this, Installing a judge, You know you're an adult when..., PR happens, Becoming a judge, Skiing and iBusinesses
Merry Christmas, Welcome Yahoo! readers: A new page just for you, Attending a basketball game, Yahoo! I'm in Yahoo, The evolving PC, Internet connection problems, Y2K preparation silliness, Personal web sites may become more important than portals, Writing for the radio
More about cell towers, CD writers are another hot item, Ordering Frontier, Cell trees, Digital photography article, Trellix Web contest winners, Visiting my parents
Digital cameras are more important than another PC, Answers to homework questions, SmarterKids.com, Speaking at Harvard Business School, Happy Holiday
Tools of the trade to start a B2B, Happy Chanukah, Making your own web log, A personal web site you should see, Covering a dinner speech, Howard Anderson Speech
Editing software for my Palm III and the keyboard, Palm stuff, Printing vs. the Web, Thanksgiving and 20 years of VisiCalc, A new book on entrepreneurship, An associate get his money, Some examples of Internet improving productivity, Stowaway keyboard observations, Finished Comdex Journal
All they care about is Bill Gates, Chili and dancing, lots and lots of Comdex 1999 stuff, Getting Stowaway keyboard, AT&T / MediaOne merger, The Information Super-pike
Open Access, PR day continues, Personal web sites for PR and everyday life, More on being tall, Being a judge and a webmaster, When's the next big thing, Body shop, What did the Bible have to say about MS/DOJ, Microsoft and the Department of Justice, More of the season, Pondering weblog prose-style
eJournal vs. eColumn, Saving the whiteboard, Much fuss about the DNS (and IP), Rusty pipes, Accident reports, Bang!, New PR team, After we're gone, Trademark essay standalone
Busy today with a long meeting, People notice, Learning from the real world, ICANN funding, Halloween, Seasons, Trademarks and domain names
Eyes shut, TV sets for the Internet, 20 years later, How one picture makes me want to write, Guy Kawasaki speaks in Massachusetts, Better picture of Esther Dyson, Why I'm doing this log
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