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Saturday, November 25, 2000
Sony eMarker: A clever system
While walking through Fall Comdex 2000, I came across a product in the Sony booth that impressed me with the examples it presented about constructing a system. I wrote it up in detail.

Read Sony eMarker: How a Clever System Works in my Writings section.

Key chain device with end removed showing USB connector
Sony eMarker with USB connector showing
Sunday, November 19, 2000
Finished the Comdex journal
I added a "general observations" page to my Fall Comdex 2000 Journal, finishing it.

I also added some of the multiple punch numbers to the Ballot Usability in Florida page.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000
The Palm Beach Sample Ballot
In discussing the usability of the Palm Beach Country "Butterfly Ballot", the question of the Sample Ballot often comes up. Was it helpful or confusing in comparison to the actual voting situation? To help people investigate that, I was able to obtain one of these booklets. I think that looking at it helps understand additional usability issues.

To see these images (they are large files), look at "The Sample Ballot".

Yet more Comdex
I've added two pages about Tuesday at Comdex, with comments. Still to come: General observations.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000
More Comdex
I posted more pictures with comments from Comdex late tonight. See Fall Comdex 2000 Journal -- both Monday pages are new.

Palm PDA and cell phone  Lion close up
Comdex was really WirelessDex, MGM lion

Monday, November 13, 2000
Usability and safety
In response to my ballot usability writings, I received a letter about usability with respect to safety and environmental protection: Usability in Safety and Environmental Protection.

Posted again
After a little sleep, I filled in the narrative about last night.

Posted first pictures from Comdex
I just started my Fall Comdex 2000 Journal. Lots of pictures, but no real news. It's more of "A Day In The Life" style, written as if it was for friends and relatives, as well as people who have attended Comdex with me. It may give you ideas for making your own trip/party/event web photo journal (hopefully using tools from Trellix Corporation...).

Walt looking at red tablet in his hands while others watch
Walt Mossberg holding a Microsoft tablet computer prototype

Sunday, November 12, 2000
Usability is still in the news
There are reports in the news about 2nd graders marking ballots arranged like the ones I wrote up in "Ballot Usability in Florida". There are interesting parallels.

Read more about the classroom test in "A Ballot Usability Test".

Comdex 2000
I'm off to Comdex this week. I'll try to post a journal with lots of pictures. Check back tomorrow.

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